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Critic of the Criminal Justice System

The purpose of this Site
The criminal justice system has a very important social role; and it has enormous authorities and powers. Great power requires significant control and criticism to maintain individuals' freedoms and to prevent arbitrary abuse. In a healthy society it is needed to continuously criticize the acts of the Police, the Prosecution and the Courts. This Site is meant to contribute to this criticism.

Prof. Boaz Sangero is a Full Professor of Law at both Western Galilee College; and Sapir Academic College School of Law, Israel. He is the head of the Institute for Safety in the Criminal Justice System. Being a leading authority in Criminal Law, Criminal Evidence, and Criminal Procedure, he combines all three areas in his teaching and writing about Safety from False Convictions. In 2012 he was an official candidate for serving as Justice in the Supreme Court of Israel.
Thus far Prof. Sangero has written 6 books and over 60 articles for leading law journals in Israel, the United States and England. His book SELF-DEFENCE IN CRIMINAL LAW (2006) has been cited many times and reviewed in both the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and the Cambridge Law Journal. In his book SAFETY FROM FALSE CONVICTIONS (2016) and his dozen articles on this topic (published mainly in American law reviews) he has established and developed this new area. In his hundreds of short articles and interviews in the media, Prof. Sangero keeps on criticizing the Police, the Prosecution, and the Courts, with the hope of improving the criminal justice system.

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English Books

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Prof. of Law Boaz Sangero – Critic of the Criminal Justice System